Dewitt Plastics

About Dewitt Plastics

Dewitt Plastics maintains a long and rich heritage dating back over 60 years. One of the pioneer companies in plastic forming, founder Bill DeWitt developed a niche business combining his love for fishing and his proximity to the burgeoning northeastern United States footwear manufacturing industry.

In 1942, after constant refinement, Bill created a unique clear, divided plastic box. It was this new line of light weight plastic boxes that would come to make the DeWitt name synonymous with quality. The boxes, marketed by DeWitt, as well as private labeled by many of the most prestigious names in the fly fishing industry, became the fly box of choice for generations of anglers.

DeWitt also created an affiliate, Shoe Form Company, Inc. to manufacture custom display forms for the footwear market. These forms became the industry standard for brand identification and retail presentation.

In 1977 both companies were purchased and incorporated as RPM Industries. Owner Roger Mueller further expanded in 1988 with the formation of RPM Cedar and Shoe Tree Corp. to manufacture cedar shoe trees and wood shoe display forms. This new capability was an ideal complement to the plastic shoe form products produced by RPM.

Each of these product lines were consolidated in 2006 as the new Dewitt Plastics, Inc. Today, Dewitt is proud to be a fully independent company. Our broad design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to effectively address sophisticated project requirements from a broad spectrum of customers. Our products and services are sold to major accounts in the United States and world wide.

Dewitt Plastics maintains an environmentally friendly commitment to responsible manufacturing. All byproducts of our processes are either reprocessed or recycled. No plastic scrap enters the waste stream from our manufacturing plant.

Dewitt was recently recognized as Employer of the Year by Seneca Cayuga ARC.