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Plastic Compartmented Boxes & Organizer Inserts

In 1942, Bill DeWitt's compartmented plastic box revolutionized the market for light weight storage and packaging needs. It represented the beginning of what would become a unique mix of products, incorporating materials, styles, and configurations that lend themselves to many specialty applications.

Today Dewitt boxes are specified by many renowned OEM customers for uses ranging from internal process control to sales and promotion kits. The original fly boxes are still available, and our conductive boxes are widely used in applications requiring protection from ESD events.

Dewitt maintains in house injection molding and vacuum forming operations, allowing us to offer multiple solutions to your specific needs.

Our Lightweight Line is strong and amazingly light for their size. Every box has riveted stainless steel hinges. In addition, this series of Dewitt boxes allows for a nearly infinite combination of compartment layouts. If our standard designs do not meet your specific need, every box can be customized with no costly mold charges. It's the perfect solution to a hard-to-satisfy need, for a low volume custom application, or for market development and testing uses.

Dewitt Plastics lines of injection molded boxes represent our commitment to serving specific application needs. Multiple material offerings and compartment layouts, combined with alternate hinge styles, provide the ideal solution to your particular use.

Lifelong Line

Our Lifelong plastic boxes are designed to be the toughest boxes you can buy. They are molded from a variety of shatterproof plastics so you can choose the material best suited for your application. Every hinge on every lifelong box is riveted stainless steel to ensure longest life.

Sturdy Line

The Sturdy Line meets the demand for a lower cost shatterproof box with Dewitt quality. Available in many of the same sizes and compartment layouts as our Lifelong Line, but with durable molded hinges.

Economy Line

Our Economy Line is available in many of the same sizes and compartment layouts as our previous lines, but intended for less demanding uses. Ideal for packaging, molded hang tabs are available for retail applications on our 23 and 26 series boxes. This feature is available at no additional cost, but is subject to minimum order requirements.

Customer Needs

Dewitt's modular tooling takes advantage of mold core inserts to create various stock configurations. These same inserts can be arranged to create other layouts which may provide you with a better solution. Custom cores can be developed for unique requirements at a significantly lower investment.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs. Whether you require a special color, custom compartment configurations, custom foam or plastic inserts, or even a logo to promote your product, Dewitt will help develop the ideal solution.

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Standard Materials Characteristics

Modified Acrylic

  • High durability
  • Good clarity
  • Resistant to most chemicals
    Clarified Polypropylene
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • High heat resistance
  • Offers good clarity
  • Excellent value material

Conductive Polypropylene

  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Specially compounded using carbon fiber technology
  • Provides effective static dissipation and charge distribution


  • Used exclusively in our Lightweight Line
  • Very durable
  • Crystal clear

Ammo Box Organizer Inserts

Dewitt now offers unique, high quality Organizer Inserts, with latching hinged covers, specifically designed for use with the 50 Cal. Ammo Box and all ammo boxes with the same base dimensions. Three Dewitt Organizer Inserts fit perfectly into each 50 Cal. Ammo Box. Each is equipped with lifting provision for easy removal. The Dewitt Organizer Inserts are molded in tough, clarified polypropylene and are available in five different compartment configurations.

Now there is a quality Ammo Box Organizer Insert consistent with the quality of the ammo box itself.

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