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Conductive Plastic Boxes

ESD is one of the major causes of device failures in the semiconductor industry. Integrated circuits and semiconductors can experience permanent damage when subjected to high voltages, even from common occurrences like static electricity.

Dewitt Plastics conductive boxes can help prevent this kind of damage by offering a cost effective solution to packaging and material handling applications of static sensitive components. Our specially engineered conductive resin dissipates static and distributes charges. Surface resistivity 102 - 106 OHM/SQ. Volume resistivity 102 - 106 OHM/SQ.

Dewitt's conductive boxes should be used as part of a complete ESD protection system. It is recommended that all materials and personnel are appropriately grounded to ensure complete component protection.

Dewitt's in house manufacturing consisting of both injection molding and vacuum forming offers a single source opportunity to address your unique ESD requirements. Custom conductive inserts, in combination with standard box enclosures, provide a proven solution for many of our customers.

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