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At Dewitt Plastics, customer support and service is a key consideration and our primary focus. The benefits of having a single source supplier capable of multiple proficiencies led us to develop plastic fabrication capabilities as a complement to our other processing options.

With an understanding of need among our niche markets, our staff is able to address application requirements with a broad range of options. With a keen commitment to quality, we are able to offer product design and development as well as tooling and fixturing design services to support new projects, all under one roof. Our facility is equipped with high precision CNC equipment that can handle plastics up to 168" in length and 72" in width. Heat bending, cold bending, adhesive bonding and flame polishing are additional technologies offered in the overall fabrication arena. These capabilities include the ability to decorate via pad printing or embossing nearly any product that we fabricate. The combination of services allows us to bring a specialty production shop approach to the project table, and apply them to single prototypes to low and medium volume runs.

We quote existing projects or work with customer's product development staff in identifying needs, options, and prices. Quotes for fabricated products are provided on an individual job basis. Our skilled staff can work from design files in SolidWorks (SLDPRT, SLDDRW, SLDDRT) and PDF

At Dewitt Plastics we have the ability to deliver a full spectrum of plastic fabrication services to your product needs. Contact us today for further information.


Production Methods
CNC Shaping
Heat bending
Cold bending
Adhesive Bonding
Hydraulic Press Punching
Others as appropriate
Processing Size Limitations
CNC: Up to 168 in. x 72 in.
Hydraulic Press : up to 34 in. x 34 in.
Tolerances (+/-)
Product Driven
Additional Services
Product Development
Engineering Design Services
Tooling Design Services
Hot Stamping
Pad Printing
Hydraulic Press Punching
Sonic Welding
Production Volume
Low Volume
Medium Volume
Lead Time
Quoted on Job by Job Basis

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Visual Merchandising
File Formats

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